Lurgle.Alerting v1.1.10 and Lurgle.Logging v1.1.15 Released

I've just pushed out an update to Lurgle.Alerting on Nuget. This release adds a Handlebars template option, based on the implementation by Matthew Turner at FluentEmail.Handlebars (

When I came across the FluentEmail.Handlebars package, I was keen to use it, but it was only compiled against .NET Standard 2.1, and using some older versions of FluentEmail.Core and Handlebars.Net. Lurgle.Alerting targets support for .NET 4.6.1 as a minimum, and aims to keep dependencies updated.

None of these are insurmountable and I initially looked at forking, updating, and sending a pull back to the project; however the implementation itself was quite simple with only a couple of classes and a few methods, and so I decided to include the code in Lurgle.Alerting with acknowledgement and links back to the source repository.

If I were substantively improving the code, of course, I'd have gone down the forking pull path. The goal is to provide multiple rendering options in Lurgle.Alerting, allowing a choice in implementation. More choice is better.

I've also recently updated Lurgle.Logging with a minor update - if LogFolder is not specified in the config, Lurgle.Logging provides a fallback config of using the same folder as your executable... or it was meant to. It was actually returning the full path including the executable ... so I fixed that.

The Lurgle links below are so fancy that you can click them and get the latest version:





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