Event Timeout for Seq v1.4.2 released

A new release of Seq.App.EventTimeout is out. 

This was a little earlier than I planned to release v1.4.x, but there was a bug in the AbstractAPI deserialization as a result of some code refactoring which I'd missed.

  • Defaults are now set for the boolean properties, timeout, and suppression values. To explain - not setting defaults for some values tended to be breaking changes in new releases, because the existing configs didn't have a value. Retrospectively correcting that.
  • Alert description is now properly optional. Only the message is mandatory. This means you're not stuck with the "Message: Description" - you can choose to have just "Message" by not configuring description.
  • Priority and Responders properties added for integration with other apps - I plan to talk about this in an upcoming blog post.
  • Moved config items for clarity - items like Suppression Interval have been moved up in the config interface to group things more clearly together.
  •  Correctly deserialize AbstractAPI again.

As usual, you can install Event Timeout for Seq using Seq.App.EventTimeout as the package id in Seq's "Install from Nuget" page. 

You can update existing instances by going to Event Timeout's Manage button in the Seq Apps screen, and clicking Update.



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