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Event Timeout for Seq
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Event Threshold for Seq
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Event Schedule for Seq
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OpsGenie Heartbeat for Seq
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Standardised Serilog implementation with extra goodies!
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Lurgle Logging on Github
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Standardised FluentEmail implementation with extra goodies!
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Standardised SSH.NET, FluentFTP, and SMBLibrary implementation with extra goodies!
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Lurgle Transfer on Github
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Lurgle Dates License
Standardised common date library for date parsing, expressions, and tokens!
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Seq Reporter - Email scheduled reports using queries from your Seq structured logs
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Seq.Client.EventLog (Dev build)
Enhancement to Seq.Client.EventLog that dynamically processes Windows event logs and sends them to Seq with all Windows event log properties as properties within structured events
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Fork of Seq.App.EmailPlus that has enhancements for delivery (multiple mailhosts, DNS delivery), envelopes (CC/BCC/ReplyTo), and logging which has a focus on reliability.
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Look for successful interactive console and RDP logins and send them to Seq for alerting
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Mailbox Reporter
Windows service that collects email metadata from configured on-premise Exchange mailboxes and loads them to a SQL database for reporting purposes
Mailbox Reporter on Github
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NLB Manager
Windows service that automatically manages Windows network load balancing (NLB) based on whether a service is started or stopped.
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Log4j 2 appender that sends logs to Seq with added properties
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Seq Log4j2 appender on Github
Outlook Profiler
Export, transform, and import Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 or higher profiles
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Outlook Profiler Logins on Github
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MZK Lord 6.0
Digging into ancient history - an addon to the popular BBS door, Legend of the Red Dragon, that I created in Turbo Pascal as a teenager. It proved to be a popular addon that added NPCs to most parts of the game, with a very quirky sense of humour, and is still in use by bulletin boards to this day! This was a version that I never originally released, until I dug it up and provided to a LORD enthusiast. Sadly - the source code may be long since lost.
MZK Lord on Github
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