Lurgle.Dates, EventX Trilogy, Seq Reporter, and Seq.App.Atlassian.Jira updated - Improved date expressions and line breaks

A quick post on app updates - both my own and others.

Over the past week, I realised that when adding Jira date expression parsing to the codebase for the Jira app, I missed out on parsing "w" (weeks), which then was also missed in Lurgle.Dates and by extension the EventX Trilogy (Event Timeout, Event Threshold, and Event Schedule) and Seq Reporter, which all leverage the shared library. My excuse is that I don't often use weeks in time tracking or due dates, weak excuse though it is..

So - that meant updating the Jira app with Ali's assistance. In that case, I figured we might as well address the line break issue that I previously noted in the post about using Handlebars. Now that the update to Seq.App.Atlassian.Jira is live, I've updated that post to reflect that \n and \r will work as expected!

I had already pre-emptively updated Lurgle.Dates and the downstream apps to support parsing weeks, so these are already ready to go. This means, for example, that Event Schedule can set a due date of 4w 1d 1h 1m - 4 weeks, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute - on your Jira issue.  

Event Schedule also now features a multi-line Description field, so that you can more clearly configure your description field that's bound to be parsed through as a Handlebars template!

By way of a side note - the Seq.App.OpsGenie package went to a v1.0.0 release this week! This was a fun and productive collaboration that kicked off a lot of the interoperability improvements that we're attempting to foster in the overall Seq community, so I'm proud to have been a part of it!

Aside from Seq Reporter, which is a download from Github, you can install the Seq apps to your Seq instance using the below package ids, and Lurgle.Dates to your Visual Studio projects via the usual means. Fancy links included for bonus points.

Reminder - Current builds of Seq have a bug with the Nuget v2 API, so the workaround is to either manually update Event Timeout to the current build via the Manage page for the app, or change your Nuget feed settings.


Event Timeout for Seq Latest Version

Event Timeout for Seq Total Downloads

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Event Threshold for Seq Latest Version

Event Threshold for Seq Total Downloads

Event Threshold for Seq License
Event Schedule for Seq Latest Version

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Latest version of Seq Reporter

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Lurgle.Dates Latest Version

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