NOTE: Updates to Event Timeout and Event Threshold may cause instances to stop

I've been working on new updates to the EventX Trilogy - Event Timeout, Event Threshold, and Event Schedule - which I will blog about in more detail, but I wanted to put a quick note out about an issue that may occur when you update to Event Timeout v1.5.1 and Event Threshold v1.0.7.

I ported the "Include description with log message" setting across. This didn't exist in previous versions, and it's possible that the setting missing may cause your instance to stop.

If this does occur, simple open the settings for each instance and save. Optionally, you may wish to enable "Include description with log message" to preserve the behaviour of old versions.

I've made a change which will hopefully avert this from happening with v1.5.1 and v1.0.7, but it doesn't hurt to put out a quick note.

I also found that Seq wasn't finding the new version of Event Timeout - if this happens, go into the app's Manage and manually type 1.5.1 and then click Update.

Event Timeout for Seq Latest Version

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Event Threshold for Seq Latest Version

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