Lurgle.Transfer updated to address underlying CVE, other updates

I haven't had a lot of time lately to work on the various apps and libraries I've created or contributed to, but a vulnerability in SSH.NET needed attention in Lurgle.Transfer. This vulnerability was noted here, and required an update to dependencies. That's done now, with all other dependencies updated. The newest version of the FluentFTP library required some code changes as a result of references being renamed.

As a rule I like to keep my dependencies up to date, and that's one reason why Lurgle.Alerting forks some underlying FluentEmail renderers and the MailKit sender. That allows us to keep up to date.

I spent a bit of time this weekend to go through most of the libraries, Seq apps, and client apps & services to make sure they were up to date with the latest version of my own and third party libraries. There were no other vulnerabilities seen but it's not a bad practice to be up to date.

You can check the Apps page to see if a newer version is available, but of course as most of the apps are either libraries or Seq apps, Nuget will readily expose the latest versions.



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