Apps and library updates (2023 Edition)

I've been slack in maintenance and haven't had new feature ideas as I've been somewhat abstracted from development in my current role. Nonetheless, I have gone through and updated dependencies for all apps and libraries that make sense to update. The goal here is to keep things current, although I don't have much opportunity to test things like my various Seq apps. Nonetheless, all the Lurgle libraries are updated, and therefore apps that depend on them are also in turn updated.

Here's the big long list of updated apps, below, with a couple of external apps not included that have had existing pull requests updated. Note that you should definitely test the Seq apps before using in production; I have updated their dependencies and allowed them to run through the CI/CD pipeline, but I simply have not tested them in any version of Seq. The apps that run as services outside of Seq are almost definitely fine to use - this is only for apps hosted within Seq itself.

The Lurgle libraries continue to maintain existing compatibility, which means that for some framework versions, dependencies will be at older versions to allow their continued use. I don't have Visual Studio 2022 so I have not added .NET 6.0 and beyond support. 

Except for fixes in the dev build of Seq.Client.EventLog resulting from a pull request, there are no new features, although I have updated code where there were conventions changed by dependencies in the interim. 

Event Timeout for Seq
Event Timeout for Seq Latest Version

Event Timeout for Seq Total Downloads

Event Timeout for Seq License
Event Threshold for Seq
Event Threshold for Seq Latest Version

Event Threshold for Seq Total Downloads

Event Threshold for Seq License
Event Schedule for Seq
Event Schedule for Seq Latest Version

Event Schedule for Seq Total Downloads

Event Schedule for Seq License
OpsGenie Heartbeat for Seq
OpsGenie Heartbeat for Seq Latest Version

OpsGenie Heartbeat for Seq Total Downloads

OpsGenie for Seq License
Standardised Serilog implementation with extra goodies!
Lurgle Logging Latest Version

Lurgle Logging Total Downloads

Lurgle Logging License
Standardised FluentEmail implementation with extra goodies!
Lurgle Alerting Latest Version

Lurgle Alerting Total Downloads

Lurgle Alerting License
Standardised SSH.NET, FluentFTP, and SMBLibrary implementation with extra goodies!
Lurgle Transfer Latest Version

Lurgle Transfer Total Downloads

Lurgle Dates License
Standardised common date library for date parsing, expressions, and tokens!
Lurgle Dates Latest Version

Lurgle Dates Total Downloads

Lurgle Dates License
Seq Reporter - Email scheduled reports using queries from your Seq structured logs
Seq Reporter Latest Version

Seq Reporter Total Downloads
Seq.Client.EventLog (Dev build)
Enhancement to Seq.Client.EventLog that dynamically processes Windows event logs and sends them to Seq with all Windows event log properties as properties within structured events
Seq Event Log Client Latest Dev Build Version

Seq Event Log Client Total Downloads

Fork of Seq.App.EmailPlus that has enhancements for delivery (multiple mailhosts, DNS delivery), envelopes (CC/BCC/ReplyTo), and logging which has a focus on reliability.

This is likely orphaned as a result of the official app being updated, but maintained for anyone continuing to use it.

Seq.App.EmailPlus Enhanced Edition Latest Version

Seq.App.EmailPlus Enhanced Edition Total Downloads

Seq.App.EmailPlus Enhanced Edition License
Look for successful interactive console and RDP logins and send them to Seq for alerting
Seq Client for Windows Logins Latest Version

Seq Client for Windows Logins Total Downloads
Mailbox Reporter
Windows service that collects email metadata from configured on-premise Exchange mailboxes and loads them to a SQL database for reporting purposes
Mailbox Reporter Latest Version

Mailbox Reporter Total Downloads
NLB Manager
Windows service that automatically manages Windows network load balancing (NLB) based on whether a service is started or stopped.
NLB Manager Latest Version

NLB Manager Total Downloads



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