Event Timeout for Seq v1.4.7 Released!

I've released a minor update to Seq.App.EventTimeout. While creating a new app that shares common functionality (more on that later!), I came across some edge cases for the handling of holidays.

These cases should not "usually" have happened, and were only exposed by running a holiday test case near the end of a UTC day. However, I've fixed the logic that allowed the edge case to occur, and extended the unit testing to test date rollover for each hour in a week, to ensure that the expected result always occurs with the rollover logic.

Update - After publishing this, I found a case where a configured property match would cause an error for Seq when sending an event that has the property set to null. v1.4.8 is now up to resolve this.

Event Timeout powers a huge amount of critical SLAs in my work place, because certain events must happen before a given time. We're also now using it for several heartbeats, by watching to ensure that events are seen within a given period, so that we can detect problems such as services stopping. It's versatile and powerful, and has proven very stable.

You can download it to your Seq install using the Nuget package id Seq.App.EventTimeout, or otherwise, there is obvious fanciness in the links below!



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